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Our Tours

We offer so much here at Highland Estate;  an aspiring Eco-Tourism destination.  If you are looking for camping in a bamboo forest, or walking down through the mahogany walk or, in an old growth cocoa forest with ancient ruins you must come enjoy this beautiful place.


Christopher Columbus said that “Jamaica is the fairest land his eyes have ever seen.”  Come see for yourself.  If you are looking for a place to come work for your stay we offer that.  If you want to just relax and take it all in while you are here our prices are the best in the west.  Anything you would like to do, we can make it happen.  Come down and experience the real Jamaica!  


Here at Highland Estate it is all about getting back to reality. "Real living"  As I like to say.  It is easy too get caught up in the new fast pace world we live in, with all this cool technology.  Being "Connected" as they call it.  What happened to being connected with the great outdoors?  If you are coming to Jamaica on a cruise, or have been here many times, this is the perfect excursion for you and yours. This farm is worth checking out.  Highland Estate is located about 45 minutes from Montego Bay Port.  We can pick you up or meet you at the bottom of the hill.  We cater to our guests' needs.  Come have a look at the farm, you won't regret it.  Email me today

Check out the banana walk.  I love entering into the jungle. 

This is how Mikey does it.  Coconut jelly, one of the best things for you.  "Good for your heart"  as the Jamaicans say.

Have you ever seen anyone climb a coconut tree? Come to the farm and you will.  This guy is in his 40's and is still killing it.  "Mikey, you make it look too easy man."

Jamaican Farm located in the hills of Westmoreland

Highland Estate is looking forward to being able to make your Jamaica vacation blessed with cool vibes and cool people.

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