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Highland Estate Westmoreland, Jamaica
Experience the real Jamaica with Highland Estate 

Email now for an epic adventure with our local guide "Baby"

 Westmoreland, Jamaica
 What we do

Epic views and cool vibes


The cool breeze and epic views that are here are definitely worth sharing.  Come escape the rat race and let your mind refresh up in hills of Westmoreland, Jamaica.  Located only 45 minutes from the port of Montego Bay.  Highland Estate is the place to see if you are seeking the true vibe that is Jamaica.  It is the perfect spot to check out if you are traveling via cruise ship and stopping in Montego Bay, and are looking to find the right excursion for you and your family's time in Jamaica.


The birding available here on the farm is great and goes hand in hand with the farm tours offered.  The birding is just one aspect of this amazing property.  The Estate is home to ancient ruins hidden within the old growth cocoa forest.


Come get real at Highland Estate.  

Highland Estate is a 45 acre property located in the tranquil hills of Westmoreland, Jamaica.  Offering farm tours and guided birding tours.



Here at Highland Estate, we are aspiring to be a self-sufficient property.

Jamaica offers the perfect environment for growing exactly what life needs to continue on forever.  Sow a seed and watch it grow.  We want people to come to Jamaica and have the best time.  We can provide that. We would love to invite you to enjoy Jamaica's abundance at Highland Estate.  Come get a feel of the island's countryside.     

Highland Estate Eco-Farm Tours Jamaica
Eco-Farm Tours Jamaica
Eco-Farm Tours Jamaica

I could sit right here on the water tank all day staring at this view; it just sucks you in.  Overlooking sugarcane fields and Frome Sugar Factory, you can really feel the history that Jamaica and Highland Estate have to offer. The Yellow-billed Parrots flying all around me, and Red-billed Streamertail and numerous other species of birds, are just more reasons why I love it here on this beautiful piece of paradise. 

The scotch bonnet is a big deal here in Jamaica.

It is a must have hot sauce on every dinner table on the island. The pepper has such a unique flavor and smell.  Trust me, it is hot.  

Eco-Farm Tours Jamaica

The banana walk is kinda like a jungle of sorts.  I enjoy walking it at least once a day.  It offers a nice cool enviroment to chill out for a bit and take in your surroundings.  

Eco-Farm Tours Jamaica
Eco-Farm Tours Jamaica

Coconut water, or "Jelly" as it is known by here in Jamaica, Is one of the most refreshing fluids I have ever drank in my life.  Especially the ones from the farm, the elevation of Highland Estate is at about 1,200 ft. the higher the elevation fruit grows at the sweeter it becomes. Enjoy a fresh jelly with us, the view is worth it.

The Jamaican Green Lizard also know as giant anole lizard.  They are quite impressive.  

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